Need Legal Help?

I serve individuals and show them how to navigate the legal system to protect their rights.                                                                          

Office in Austin, Texas.

I teach, not just represent

I am a strong believer in learning how to personally take care of any problem that comes my way, whether it be a leaking faucet or an auto brake job. The wealth of information available online makes it possible for almost any problem. But with legal problems—

Sometimes your situation is a little different than what you find online.

Sometimes the vast amount of information is overwhelming, and you’re not sure which route is best for you.

Sometimes you want to have a professional review the work you’ve done.

Sometimes all you need is some strategic advice.

The legal arena can be complex, and having someone guide you through the process could be all you need to get the remedy you deserve. I offer flat rate options tailored to your particular needs. Only pay for as much attorney as you truly need. 

Intellectual Property

• Trademark filings (federal and state)
• Patent application filings including:  
      - Provisional
      - Utility/Design
 • Copyright applications
 • Licensing agreements

Consumer Protection

     •Unfair trade practice claims       
     • Fraud/warranty issues
     • Auto repair/sales disputes
     • Support for debtors during collection actions
     • Home improvement/ subcontractor disputes
     • Small claims assistance

Small Business Services

         • Business formation contracts and filings
         • Partnership contracts
         • Employment contracts
         • Intellectual property advising
         • Brand protection